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 “The Well of Urd”  full length 2017 reviews :


“The Well of Urd is a stunningly mature piece of art. Every note, every measure, every change-up, every vocal style and placement, every drumbeat, pattern, or fill, all of it seemingly and seamlessly calculated and meticulously crafted into a genuine piece of epic brilliance that pulls from a vast array of influences within their death-doom moldings.”

“River of Souls is worth your time and attention, and I doubt they will remain without a record deal for too long. The Well of Urd is simply a great album and will most definitely be amongst my top, favorite albums of 2017.”




“Dass es der Band bereits auf ihrem Debüt gelingt, diese Vielfalt von Einflüssen schlüssig zu einem Ganzen zu verbinden ist aller Ehren wert. Mit „The Well Of Urd“ haben RIVER OF SOULS ein grandioses Werk vorgelegt – unglaublich, dass diese Truppe noch ohne Label dasteht.”




…..”The death doom is melodic yet also heavy and harbours influences from beyond the usual suspects. “

“I am sure that the band will also gain attention and praise on an international level.”



“A cool slab of tasty metal in a robe of slightly progressive Death Doom”

“their newest record extends this strange pull that will make you flock back to the disk for more time and again”

River of Souls let loose an album that leaves little to chance in terms quality, song writing or execution. Stout riffing, elegant solos and a savvy exchange of growls and clean vocals lead to an album that should be worthy of your attention. By freely mixing different style elements into their blender, they produced an alluring, yet slightly unusual record. And we do fancy them albums that are a trifle askew and outside the proverbial box. And so should you. “



This is death metal of the melodic kind with plenty of hints to doom/death metal.”

The great thing on this six song, 50-minute album is that you can’t really compare the music to any other band. You will hear influences of course, but it’s not blatant copying, which is a good thing.”

There’s variation in both the music as well as the vocals. Singer Bart uses both grunts and gruff sounding clean vocals that add a lot to the overall atmosphere of the compositions.”




“River Of Souls biedt hier sowieso variatie en dynamiek genoeg om als meer dan ‘slechts’ eendimensionale doomband door het leven te gaan.”

“Van akoestische sfeerstukjes via trage melancholie en midtempo hoofdschudtempo’s, tot opzwepend gebeuk, River Of Souls beheerst het allemaal.”

“Het is dan ook de vrijwel constant aanwezige onderhuidse spanning die ik als grootste aantrekkingskracht van dit album beschouw.”

“Ik kom uiteindelijk tot de conclusie dat River Of Souls eigenlijk best eigenwijs musiceert. Vanuit verschillende invalshoeken wordt een eigen mix gekneed”




Het gevoel voor latente spanning maakt dat ieder nummer je aandacht vasthoudt, zelfs wanneer je doorgaans de knop omdraait bij doom metal. “

Sfeer, kracht, intimiteit, emotie en metal. “







RIVER OF SOULS setzen eine tradition ihrer Heimat Holland fort und führen den klassischen Doomdeath der neunziger ins Jetzt, klingen dabei auch tätsachlich eher modern als auffallend retro- und erwecken zudem nicht den Eindruck, als würden sie ihren eh komplett keyboardfreien sound in bälde mit geklimper oder gar exaltiertem gejaule von irgendeiner rüschen-ollen mit satekroket-format “Pimpen”. Gerade mal sechs songs in gut 50 minuten sprechen bände,

ULTRAJE: 7.5/10

 Printed magazine in portuguese, incl a feature on the free cd

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