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“Usurper” by RIVER OF SOULS.

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USURPER is the 2nd full length cd of River Of Souls, released on may 15th 2020, as pressed cd in jewelcase with 8 page booklet, a limited edition 2cd digipak (sold out), and digital download on Bandcamp (here all tracks can be heard as well prior to purchase).

USURPER contains the following tracks :

-OF PIT AND SNARE (video clip)
-A SPIRIT’S WEIGHT (lyric video)

48 minutes playing time.


This album received stellar reviews from all over the world. A full list of reviews with links can be found HERE. But here are some quotes :

Heavy songs of first class quality and great arrangements with a lot of musical understanding run through all songs. There is actually no weak song on “Usurper”.

Across these 8 songs, the approach to riffcraft and structuring remains fluid, rolling on through classic doom, epic heavy, sprightly melodeath, and a few more reflective parts without batting an eyelid.””The Dutch crew truly have an innate grasp of songwriting that attends both to the details and the bigger picture.”

Usurper” has proven to be a very welcome surprise in a year that has already been strong when it comes to doom metal.”

A great album, full of adjectives and layers. River Of Souls delivered material with a high degree of inspiration and intelligence.”

“… the album always surprises with amazingly thrashy passages, with wild string shredding, blast beats or a whipping drive that drives the pulse up, a temporary throaty-rough scream ,  individual wacky guitar solos and harmonic experiments that shape the musical happenings almost progressively – but almost always with an aggressive, biting character – ensuring the uncategorisability.”




due to the weight (110gr), shipping this CD to countries outside The Netherlands is expensive. For this purpose we also offer the cd without the jewelcase , which costs only 3 euro postage to any country.
However, if you really prefer to purchase the cd with the jewelcase, you can add 240 grams of other merchandise.  Or, purchase the combopackage of “Usurper” + “The Well of Urd”, or “Usurper + “The Well Of Urd” + logopatch

shipping 100-350gr to :
Netherlands  –   3,70 euro
EU – 7,50 eur
non EU countries : 10 euro.

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