Here’s a picture of the new line-up :


fltr : Benjamin, Bart, Paul, Koen, and Mathijs

November 29th, 2019|0 Comments

No new cd this year… but…

We have news…. Both positive and negative.
The bad news first :
Unfortunately, the recording of the new album came to a halt. The reason : Benjamin, our bassguitarist, isn’t able to play for a pretty long while, due to bursitis in his elbow. Because of the nature of this injury, we decided to stop the recordings at once, and simply wait until he’s fit enough to proceed. This will definitely take a few months or more, and we’re actually pretty sure the album will not be released this year…
But… the good news is :
We decided to finish up one song in advance, mixed and mastered it, and it will be released as a digital single on June 24th. It will be available on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Napster, CDBaby, and all the other popular streaming services. The track is titled “Prometheus Unbound’, has a playing time of 8 minutes, and we’re very satisfied with the result.

June 11th, 2019|0 Comments

Line up changes…..

Many people have already seen we’re a three piece band again, and here’s why:
Both Mike and Patrick are very busy with their studies, and it became clear we wouldn’t be able to do any gigs for a very long period of time….. ( more than a year, maybe even 2 years).
We had to choose between being comfortable with that, or, to let them go. A hard decision to make, but we decided it was best to look for new bandmembers, and let Mike and Patrick go. Forcing them to give the band more attention wasn’t an option in our opinion, as it would have a negative impact on the results of their studies. We thank them for their time and effort, and wish them the best.

At the moment we’re not actively looking for replacements yet, but we intend to do so soon. We’re not really sure whether we’ll be looking for a leadguitarist and a drummer, or 2 lead/rhythm guitarists. Possibly whatever comes across our path first.

But we have some positive news to tell as well!:
We’re currently finishing up the preproduction stage of our new Full Length album. We’ll start in April with tracking the drums and most of the rhythm guitars….
And that’s not all ! We’ll be posting some preproduction demomaterial on our facebook page EXCLUSIVELY for our followers, for a limited time.
So, in case you didn’t hit the LIKE button on our fb page, now is a good reason to do so !
Next week we’ll post the first one , and it’ll be online for a couple of days.

March 28th, 2019|0 Comments

shop updated !

News update about our webshop !
We have added shirts and girlies to our webshop. !
But besides that, we’re also very pleased to announce that we have upgraded our webshop with SSL encryption and a new shippingcost calculator, so it’s easier for you to purchase a shirt or cd and add smaller products without paying too much shipping costs.

February 4th, 2019|0 Comments

River of Souls recap 2018


Hi all,

Well, 2018 has ended. So it’s time to sum up our achievements of 2018! We set a few goals for 2018 and some are achieved, some not. We didn’t manage to release a second full length album. In hindsight, it just wasn’t possible due to unforeseen circumstances. Some personal, some band related.
But, we have played our first live shows in November, including the Dutch Doom Days festival, appeared on a couple of sampler CD’s, released ‘The Nihilist’ EP, found a new guitarist, invested in some new merch: cassettes, t-shirts, patches.
And we have met many nice people and bands along the way!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank a few people for their very much appreciated support in 2018: Danny Gielen for all his AV work, Pim Blankenstein (Dutch Doom Days), Marcel Hubregtse (Lords Of Metal).
We also salute: Noortje, Tinka, Aileen, Dieke, Arie Bender, Bart Alfvoet, Kristofor Allred, Petra Guijt, Freek Philippi, Tom & Sven & SvartHart, Rome in Monochrome, and of course all the people that helped us by purchasing a cd, cassette, patch or t-shirt, and all our followers on Spotify, YouTube, and/or Facebook.

(by the way: playing live might seem like something minor, but considering we don’t live close to eachother and therefore don’t practice regularly, as well as the fact that some of us never played live before, this actually is quite an achievement!)

Anyway, what are we looking at for 2019?
Obviously, having a band isn’t just playing, composing and/or recording. There are many more things involved, like promotions/marketing stuff, budget planning, productional crap, planning timewise, bookings stuff for gigs, AV and visual design stuff, etcetera, etcetera. We sure have goals set for these kind of things, but we won’t bother you with that…
What is interesting then?….well (and not to make any promises here):
1: We aim to record a new full length album, but also to release a few ‘digital singles’, some available to followers only. We have plenty of new material (over 60 minutes), but we’re not yet sure what to include on the album since the album still needs to get a good complete picture/soundscape/musical odyssey, instead of just ‘a collection of songs’. River Of Souls’ listeners know we handle many styles of metal, but we have to get the right balance of various parts to get the right vibe and flow. This means some tracks will be omitted even though the tracks are up-to-par. These are the ones that will be released seperately. The same happened to ‘The Nihilist’ and ‘Requiem in Am’, which were originally recorded for “The Well Of Urd”, and ended up re-recorded on ‘The Nihilist’ EP together with the newer track ‘Unmanifest’.
2: Play more gigs.
3: Finetune our live sound and stage appearance (we’ll probably be looking for a few crew members)

But as said, no promises here! We’ll see how everything turns out

For now, we wish you all a great and fantastic 2019 !!

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