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River of Souls recap 2018

  Hi all, Well, 2018 has ended. So it’s time to sum up our achievements of 2018! We set a few goals for 2018 and some are achieved, some not. We didn't manage to release a second full length album. In hindsight, it just wasn't possible due to unforeseen circumstances. Some personal, some band related. But, we have played our first live shows in November, including the Dutch Doom Days festival, appeared on a couple of sampler CD's, released 'The Nihilist' EP, found a new guitarist, invested in some new merch: cassettes, t-shirts, patches. And we have met many nice people and bands along the way! We also want to take this opportunity to thank a few people for their very much appreciated support in 2018: Danny Gielen for all his AV work, Pim Blankenstein (Dutch Doom Days), Marcel Hubregtse (Lords Of Metal). We also salute: Noortje, Tinka, Aileen, Dieke, Arie Bender, Bart Alfvoet, Kristofor Allred, Petra Guijt, Freek Philippi, Tom & Sven & SvartHart, Rome in Monochrome, and of course all the people that helped us by purchasing a cd, cassette, patch or t-shirt, and all our followers on Spotify, YouTube, and/or Facebook. (by the way: playing live might seem like something minor, but considering we don't live close to eachother and therefore don't practice regularly, as well as the fact that some of us never played live before, this actually is quite an achievement!) Anyway, what are we looking at for 2019? Obviously, having a band isn't just playing, composing and/or recording. There are many more things involved, like promotions/marketing stuff, budget planning, productional crap, planning timewise, bookings stuff for gigs, AV and visual design stuff, etcetera, etcetera. We sure have goals set for these kind of things, but we won't bother you with that... What is interesting then?….well (and not to make any promises here): 1: We aim to record a new full length album, but also to release a few 'digital singles', some available to followers only. We have plenty of new material (over 60 minutes), but we're not yet sure what to include on the album since the album still needs to get a good complete picture/soundscape/musical odyssey, instead of just 'a collection of songs'. River Of Souls' listeners know we handle many styles of metal, but we have to get the right balance of various parts to get the right vibe and flow. This means some tracks will be omitted even though the tracks are up-to-par. These are the ones that will be released seperately. The same happened to 'The Nihilist' and 'Requiem in Am', which were originally recorded for “The Well Of Urd”, and ended up re-recorded on 'The Nihilist' EP together with the newer track 'Unmanifest'. 2: Play more gigs. 3: Finetune our live sound and stage appearance (we'll probably be looking for a few crew members) But as said, no promises here! We'll see how everything turns out :) For now, we wish you all a great and fantastic 2019 !!

Upcoming shows

With the current line up, we've finally got a few shows planned ! NOV 9 : ARNHEM (nl) - BRIGANT with Rome In Monochrome (IT) and Svarthart (BE). Info ; CLICK HERE NOV 11 : ANTWERPEN (be)- ARMISTICE FEST, with Pantheist, Rome in Monochrome, Svarthart, and more. info : CLICK HERE.  Tickets : CLICK HERE NOV 25 : ROTTERDAM (nl) - DUTCH DOOM DAYS festival, with While Heaven Wept, Witchsorrow, Marche Funebre, and more. Info and tickets : CLICK HERE.  

River of Souls will be playing at DUTCH DOOM DAYS XVII

We are VERY pleased to announce that we'll be playing at DUTCH DOOM DAYS XVII festival, on sunday 25th of November, in Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands ! click here for more information   Unfortunately, we also have a little setback : We're again LOOKING FOR A NEW GUITARIST, as Ferry decided not to continue with River of Souls at this point, due to a lack of time.... [EDIT : guitarist found ! ]  

Nihilist Artwork

This is the frontcover of the EP "The Nihilist", release date January 24th 2018 !

Interview on Lords Of Metal

Marcel H. of the international E-Zine LORDS OF METAL interviewed Bart, Benjamin, and Paul about The Well of Urd, and some of the choices we made regarding the line up and the music of River Of Souls.... In our opinion, it's a very good read! Click Here!


As you might know, Ingmar helped us out with the recordings of "The Well of Urd", and he also played a couple of guitarleads on the upcoming EP "The Nihilist", but from now on he needs to focus more on his own bands CODEX and SKELETOR. Ingmar is a great and versatile guitarist and a supercool guy, and we couldn't be happier with his awesome contributions to our music so far, but as with many things; "all good things come to an end". We wish him the best with his own music and bands ! Ingmar, thanks a gazillion !!! Even though he offered to remain a standby guitarist for RoS in case needed, we feel it wouldn't be fair to him or his other bands, so, now the time has come for us to start searching for a replacement....