Many people have already seen we’re a three piece band again, and here’s why:
Both Mike and Patrick are very busy with their studies, and it became clear we wouldn’t be able to do any gigs for a very long period of time….. ( more than a year, maybe even 2 years).
We had to choose between being comfortable with that, or, to let them go. A hard decision to make, but we decided it was best to look for new bandmembers, and let Mike and Patrick go. Forcing them to give the band more attention wasn’t an option in our opinion, as it would have a negative impact on the results of their studies. We thank them for their time and effort, and wish them the best.

At the moment we’re not actively looking for replacements yet, but we intend to do so soon. We’re not really sure whether we’ll be looking for a leadguitarist and a drummer, or 2 lead/rhythm guitarists. Possibly whatever comes across our path first.

But we have some positive news to tell as well!:
We’re currently finishing up the preproduction stage of our new Full Length album. We’ll start in April with tracking the drums and most of the rhythm guitars….
And that’s not all ! We’ll be posting some preproduction demomaterial on our facebook page EXCLUSIVELY for our followers, for a limited time.
So, in case you didn’t hit the LIKE button on our fb page, now is a good reason to do so !
Next week we’ll post the first one , and it’ll be online for a couple of days.