USURPER will be released on may 15th !

On may 15th our new full length cd USURPER will be released !

The eight tracks on “USURPER” continue the musical journey which started with the critically acclaimed debut album “The Well of Urd” (2017), followed by the EP “The Nihilist” (2018) and the single “Prometheus Unbound” (2019). Listeners can again expect a well balanced diversity, ranging from doomy coldness and melodic parts, to straight up tempo death metal, but this time heavier than ever…

The album will be available as:

-a jewelcase CD with 8 page booklet,

-a handnumbered limited edition digipak with a 4 track bonus disc (100pcs),

and through popular streaming services.



1. Harbinger

2. Of Pit And Snare (which will be released as a digital single 30th of March)

3. At Rope’s End

4. Usurper

5. A Spirit’s Weight

6. Fateweaver

7. The Tightening

8. Aftermath

The limited edition digipak will be available for pre-order from the end of March, and contains a bonusdisk with :

1. Prometheus Unbound (released as digital single in 2019)

2. Into The Unlight (demo 2016- previously unreleased)

3. Remembrance (demo 2018 – previously unreleased)

4. God Is Alone (My Dying Bride cover)



March 12th, 2020|0 Comments

Here’s a picture of the new line-up :


fltr : Benjamin, Bart, Paul, Koen, and Mathijs

November 29th, 2019|0 Comments

No new cd this year… but…

We have news…. Both positive and negative.
The bad news first :
Unfortunately, the recording of the new album came to a halt. The reason : Benjamin, our bassguitarist, isn’t able to play for a pretty long while, due to bursitis in his elbow. Because of the nature of this injury, we decided to stop the recordings at once, and simply wait until he’s fit enough to proceed. This will definitely take a few months or more, and we’re actually pretty sure the album will not be released this year…
But… the good news is :
We decided to finish up one song in advance, mixed and mastered it, and it will be released as a digital single on June 24th. It will be available on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Napster, CDBaby, and all the other popular streaming services. The track is titled “Prometheus Unbound’, has a playing time of 8 minutes, and we’re very satisfied with the result.

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